The ethical revolution

Made in Italy objects that look to the future

Knowledge, technology and creativity for a sustainable system

We are facing a decisive crossroads for the future of humanity: raw materials are running low and the world climate is manifesting the malaise of the Earth where we live.
We can no longer think of continuing on the path of unbridled consumption and it is a duty to rethink the way we live and do business.
Suber is a start-up expression of Italian ingenuity that addresses the world, bringing with it all the values ​​of Made in Italy objects which have always been recognized internationally as a synonym of quality and success.
Particularly in design, Made in Italy means elegance, functionality, aesthetic rigor from which are represented by iconic products; it is a style that inspires Suber objects and which Suber objects belong to within a sustainable and innovative system, completely rooted in Italy.
Suber is indeed a product entirely made in Italy, from the design to the finished product ready for sale; the decision to keep the entire production process in Italy involves higher management costs, but guarantees Italian quality, craftsmanship and genius.