The ethical revolution

The role of the wineries

The elective affinity between cork, wineries and the Suber Project.

Italian wine producers are increasingly moving towards more sustainable production, which is why the interior design objects included in the Suber Project fit into this ethical context.

Wineries are the home of wine and an expression of its values. They represent the centuries-old history of people, their passionate work made up of research and innovation, and their bond with their land, which is unique and unreplaceable to them.
Each bottle contains this story of excellence that corks preserve, protect and enhance through an elective affinity with the nectar of the gods.
Cork begins its journey precisely in these places of excellence and, thanks to the Ethical Project and the Suber Project that recycles used corks and transform them into the new CORE composite material, cork returns to the wineries in the form of special interior design objects.
Cork is an extraordinary raw material, completely natural, reusable and recyclable, perfectly in line with the environmental awareness of contemporary wine producers.
Amorim and the “enlightened” owners share a common commitment to the environment that resulted in a real partnership, generating a new revolutionary culture of responsibility since good ideas are contagious and spread to others.