The ethical revolution

A shared responsibility

The dawn of a new era

The Suber Project ideally interprets the modern concept of circular economy, a new model in which nothing is discarded and where the production of objects must take place in harmony with the needs of the natural environment.

The origin of the project is Amorim Cork Italia and its cork industry model derives from the idea that human activities can be done in harmony with Nature; this innovative perspective led Nobel Prize laureate Mohan Munasinghe to indicate Amorim as one of the 10 virtuous examples of companies that should be followed all over the world.

In this virtuous process, the corks are recovered by non-profit organizations and are transformed into powder that is bound with natural resins and becomes a new sustainable material that, interpreted by talented designers, transforms into interior design objects that have given life to the Suber Collection.

The project that also meant to bring used corks back to the cellars and have them transformed into design objects, creating a virtuous circle of circular economy that originates in cork forests, continues with the cork that protect the aging of wine and finally becomes fine pieces of furniture (after recycling) suitable for restaurants and wine bars.