The aesthetics of the future

New aesthetics

The beginning of a new education of taste

Natural, ecological and versatile, cork is starting to be present in the world of interior design; its ductile and multifaceted qualities open new frontiers in the imagination of new aesthetic forms.

Suber is an aesthetic experimentation project that arises from the awareness that we, human beings, depend on our planet for our wellbeing and that raw materials are becoming increasingly precious. In the future, we will see the birth of more and more new materials resulting from the recycling of waste objects in harmony with the nature of the planet.

Aesthetics is not a point of arrival, but it is a starting point that leads to new choices and new ethics in which it is essential to update the interpretation and designing codes to protect the environment where we live.

It is clear that, in a new logic of circular economy, the role of aesthetics will be fundamental because no new idea of ​​sustainability will work if it is not accepted on a large scale, and, for this to happen, it is necessary to work on designing.
A sustainable product should not be a copy of the unsustainable product but it should be aesthetically authentic because it is generated by an ethics that determines its very nature.
In this context, Suber has developed a new composite material that combines a specific recycled cork powder with natural resins, thus acquiring physical-mechanical qualities that allow the creation of new design products. An era of design where form does not derive only from function, but from the material itself.

Thus, new aesthetic languages ​​are born, destined to redefine the visual pattern of the interior design of the future.
In design, the first signs of a new narrative based on respect for the environment are beginning to appear, but the user must be educated in a new aesthetic experience coming from the sustainable world because aesthetics will make sustainability sustainable. This is the challenge that Suber and the designers have accepted: a new line of products that express a new idea of ​​beauty and generate new forms in harmony with Nature.
The project creates an awareness of the value of the environment that surrounds us and develops a new sustainable material with an expression of new ethics, a new revolutionary vision that is based on contemporary themes such as inclusiveness, sharing and sustainability, a vision that understands the present and breaks with traditional patterns and finds new and unexplored ways.