The aesthetics of the future

The Core

A new material for new aesthetics

CORE is a new composite material obtained from a specific recycled cork powder and natural resins.
The new material increases the mechanical performance of the cork while maintaining its sensory characteristics (olfactory, tactile, visual), thus able to generate soft shapes, consistent with the material from which they come.
The objects are entirely finished with a manual processing that determines a specific roughness and opacity.
CORE is a soft and light material capable of acquiring sinuous or rigorous shapes, while the cork that determines its main mass continues its role as a surprising CO2 sponge.

Cork loves “green” materials

The starting and final point in the development and research of new sustainable materials is nature, mother and teacher from which we can learn new languages ​​to reach new horizons.
New studies are leading to the creation of so-called super materials, i.e. materials that have additional, enhanced or completely revolutionary characteristics compared to those we know.
The search for new, ever more versatile materials capable of satisfying the most particular needs and the achievement of ever more ambitious technological challenges are giving amazing results. More and more innovative and technological materials can be created and the processes that occur in nature can be exploited to synthetize an endless number of new materials.
CORE is a very versatile material and, in the formal dialogue with other natural materials such as steel and glass, it finds its maximum aesthetic expression.


The aesthetic rigor of iron creates a decisive material contrast with the visual softness of the CORE and gives Suber objects excellent mechanical performance.


Glass evokes the crystalline transparency of water and harmoniously blends the CORE, giving the Suber objects an elegant visual freshness.