The ethical revolution

The origin

A constant commitment to sustainability

Amorim Cork, a world-class leading company in the production of corks, has a strong commitment to the issue of sustainability that arises from its vocation of being the guardian of a precious asset, such as cork, from which the awareness that the benefit of the environment depends on the choices that are made every day.
And it is precisely this commitment that has led Amorim Cork Italia to give life to the Suber Project.
For the production of corks, Amorim uses all the cork inserted in the process.
The main source of energy (over 60%) is biomass, mainly cork powder, which is 100% renewable. Its use is a way to exploit the cork that is not used in production and to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

«Nothing is lost, everything is enhanced»
is one of the main inspirations and challenges of the company, which wants to optimize all the raw material’s value.

The maximum expression of this commitment is the completion of a virtuous circular economy circuit of the Suber Project that satisfies all the parameters of sustainability such as:

Environmental parameters

the company collected corks from all over Italy and sent them for recycling.

Social parameters

the company supports non-profit organizations that recover used corks.

Economic parameters

Suber Project allows the company to create a new added value, transforming the powder of collected cork stoppers into pieces of furniture.

Some numbers


kg of cork produced from an oak for each decortication.


years to obtain the first decortication suitable for producing corks.


billion corks are made by Amorim every year.


million cells are present in a single cork.


decorticated cork is used to produce one cork.