The Suber project

The project

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed

The Suber Project was born as a natural development of the Ethical Project, a recycling program that, since 2011, has involved non-profit organizations in Italy in the collection of used cork stoppers to give them a second life. Used cork stoppers are processed and transformed into a powder that is combined with natural resins to give life to Core, a new generation composite material with extraordinary technical and aesthetic features.

Entirely natural, reusable and recyclable without any waste or scrap, cork is a material that completely satisfies the growing ecological awareness of contemporary society.

Suber focuses on the properties of this material that is widely used to protect wine. It evolves and returns to be part of everyday life in the form of modern interior design objects of a unique style resulting from the successful combination of cork with other natural materials.
It’s a new conception that originates new aesthetics, accessible to all those who want to change the patterns of production and consumption. In this context, Suber is not just a collection of interior design objects that includes tables, stools, lamps and coat hangers. but it represents an exciting challenge taken up by Jari Franceschetto, an emerging Italian creative and artistic director of the project.

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