21 July 2021

Suber x H-Farm: Recycled cork becomes a design product

H-Farm designed and built its Campus to be sustainable and self-sufficient, focused on the well-being of people and respect for the nature that surrounds us.

Here, Suber finds its ideal home, the first line of design objects made in Italy with recycled cork.

Amorim Cork Italia, the Italian branch of the world’s leading group in the production of corks, has been collecting used corks since 2011 and transforming them into new resources for green building, aerospace mechanics, architecture and the clothing industry.

With the Suber Project, created in collaboration with Manuel Cason, CEO of Greencorks, and the architect Jari Franceschetto, corks have become stools, tables, lamps, coat hangers, wine buckets and umbrella stands. Design objects with a high social value, unique pieces made by Italian craftsmen.